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Chào các em, tuần này chúng ta sẽ cùng nhau học về một số thành ngữ với leg

1)       an arm and a leg

a lot of money   (pahalı)

The  taste  of  the  foods  was   delicious,but  they costed  an arm and a leg.

2)    be on its last legs (informal)

If a machine is on its last legs, it is in bad condition because it is old and it will probably stop working soon     (yıkılmak üzere)

My  mothey  is using her  washing  machine  for  many  years,and  it  is  on its last legs.

3)    be on your last legs

a)     to be going to die soon.

He took  his  father to the hospital last night,and now  he is very  bad,it seems that  he is on your last legs.

b)  to be very tired, especially after a lot of physical activity or work.

Today,i  hang around  all day  long,and  now  i am  on my  last  legs.

4)    break a leg

something that you say to wish someone good luck, especially before they perform in the theatre  (bol şanslar)

This week  my  sister  will  play  in  a theatre,and i say to her  that  break  a leg!

5)    can talk the hind leg(s) off a donkey (British, humorous)

If you say that someone can talk the hind leg off a donkey, you mean that they talk a lot.  (geveze/düşük çeneli)

My   friend  is  so talkative  that  she  can  talk the hind  leg off  a donkey.

6)    can talk the legs off an iron pot

If someone can talk the legs off an iron pot, they talk a lot.  (düşük çeneli,geveze)

My  father  is  always complining that  i can talk  the leg off  an iron pot.

7)    cost (someone) an arm and a leg (informal)

to be very expensive. (pahalıya patlamak)

The  dress  that she  was wearing  was  so  elegant ,but  it  costs  an  arm and  a leg.

8)    get a leg up (informal)

give someone a leg up - to help someone to be more successful   (destek olmak)

I  leg  up  my  sister  so  that  she  will have  high  grades.

9)    get your leg over (British & Australian, very informal!)

If a man gets his leg over, he succeeds in having sex with someone

The  idiom that  is ‘get  your  leg  over’  is  open ended.


10)   get your sea legs

to get used to a new situation   (alışmak)

After  high  school, she  couldn’t   get  her  sea  legs  in  university.

11)    give someone a leg up (informal)

to help someone to be more successful.  (birine yardım etmek)

She  is   a  benevolent  person,so she  is  successfull  in giving  someone  a leg up.

12)   not have a leg to stand on

to be in a situation where you cannot prove something   (desteksiz/dayanaksız olmak)

I  don’t  have  a   leg  to stand  on,because  there  was  nobady when  the  burglar  took  my bullet.

13)   have a leg up on someone (American)

to have an advantage over someone else.

The  prof.  has  a leg  up on  the  student,as  he  has mastery.

14)   have legs (mainly American)

To be likely to succeed or to continue(for an idea/plan/topic)   (bu fikir tutacak gibi)

The  election  of  the  prime  minister  in USA  has  legs.

15)   a leg up (on someone/something)

an advantage over someone or something

Her  being  graduated  ffrom  university  is  a  leg up on  the other  applicant  graduated  from high schoool.

16)   pull someone's leg (informal)

to tell someone something that is not true as a way of joking with them  (biriyle dalga geçmek)

Firstly  i thought  that  he  was  pulling  my  leg,but  then   i understood that  he  was serious.

17)   Pull the other leg/one (it's got bells on)!

something that you say in order to tell someone that you do not believe what they have just said  (ufak at!!)

They  say  that  i can go  bungee  jumpimg,but  pull  the  other  leg i cannot  even  run.

18)   your sea legs

the ability to keep your balance when walking on a moving ship and not feel ill.

It  took  long  time  to get  my sea legs,but  fortunately  i took them.

19)   Shake a leg! (old-fashioned, informal)

something that you say in order to tell people to hurry up   (acele et/kıpırda)

When  we go  to the  other  city,i cannot  go  out in time,and my friend  says me always shake a leg.

20)   Show a leg! (British, old-fashioned, informal)

something that you say in order to tell someone to get out of  bed




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