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About Us


About Us

The Kella youth skill development forming consultant joint stock company (Kella Center) was founded in 2008, and has been working in the field of education at all levels, from preschool to further adult ones. After 5 years of development, the company has achieved quite a lot of success in improving the instructional system at many schools. With a team of teachers and staff who are all dynamic, enthusiastic, highly qualified and professional, well-trained and certificated in teaching, Kella pledges to provide learners with useful knowledge, self-confidence in communication and independence.

From small initial steps in the beginning, Kella Center has succeeded in bringing foreign teachers to teach in schools of different levels (kindergarten, elementary, secondary and high schools), as well as organizing English classes for all purposes, such as international communication, pronunciation practice, TOEIC, IELTS, ...


Our Purposes

First and foremost, one significant aim of ours is to make English become more common in everyday communication, so that even students who are not from better-off families can have opportunities to learn and practice communicating in English.

Other than that, becoming a reliable address in the education sector, and playing an important role in helping students acquire up-to-date, academic knowledge are also the goals that Kella Center have been and will continue trying our best to achieve.




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